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“for Love, Peace and Unity”

The United Universe businessplan is Nobel Peace Prize Winning and has Global Consciousness Shift Potential!!

Hi loves, 

This reflection of a new vision provides the opportunity to infuse your own vision, your higher purpose in outer spacetime and mission here on earth with your love, power, wisdom, light and health… may all beings be blessed with Bliss!

Be here:

The recognizable teachings from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and the deepening Satsangs of Shunyamurti (Sat Yoga Institute) brought me in Samadhi and liberated me from my mind-body system so Kukulkan emerged in to Being and I awoke into the holographic universe. And the beautiful thing is that this incarnation as Kukulkan has its own divine autonomy, hardware- and software configuration in contrast to the persons mind-body-system and six senses. With the Consciousness that is always here and now regardless of where the person is, seeing through my third eye as the Akasha Keeper, the quieter I become the better I can hear the wisdom in the silence, is that what experiences so I am no longer looking for experiences, has a unchanging kundalini Shakti Bliss lightbody and can speak with the language of Consciousness that uses no words but here the magic spells come from to program the Womb of Creation (the Bigbang cosmic plasma processor) from HunabKú that’s pregnant with all possibilities. With this I qualify as the Gamemaster from HunabKú; to help them who worship a God outside of themselves. So I am here to collect, in love & light, your prayers from your deepest desires. To spiritually, with the magic language of Consciousness, offer those to the supreme Lord of the Cosmos: HunabKú the architect of the holographic universe. So your hearts wish is my command to change this current devastating age of stupid into a Paradise for future Generations. Their birthright!

So also become a The United Universe Patreon and donate your wish please. So that I can offer it, with the language of Consciousness, to the Great Spirit and his Infinite Intelligence can manifest it. Become a The United Universe Patreon and Be the love change that you wish to see in the world today!

side note: I suspended managing a vegan organic rawfood restaurant the Alchemist Garden in Amsterdam. So that I can 24/7 commit myself and be the 💖 embodiment of the longingness of humankind.

Consciously or unconsciously we have been lied to:

Because we’ve all been brainwashed (The Lie We Live) about the Origin of our Source, since childhood up till now. One of the many milkyway galaxy Avatarstarships of which the universe is filled up with is the one who you really are! What alternative is there to our origin… Think about it? Where else does the seat of our soul go to when our organic human being Avatardrone die and you go to Heaven again? Your origin is found in your personal reincarnation waiting room of your Akasha records.

All these Avatarstarships are interconnected by the energetic gravity grip of the Game Master: Kukulkan from which the entire universe is built up, instead of the so-called human Matrix batteries plugged into the machine somewhere in inner earth.

Secret Mayan wisdom:

In order to understand the Holographic Universe, which includes countless Avatarstarships (milkyway galaxy), understand the small universe first, which is in your Avatardrone (human being). The bigger universe and the smaller universe are one. Because the Bliss originates from your Avatarstarship, your Avatardrone also has it and vice versa. This teaches us the secret wisdom of the Mayan.

The Global Consciousness Shift in to the United Universe type 3 civilization. From having a person that is being played in an unnatural time is money virtual reality game; without even knowing this. To your gamer Avatar in Paradise where all your cyclical process and memories are stored in your Akashic record and your Divine will originated from.

The Kardashev scale:

This is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication. The scale has five designated categories: a type one civilization – also called planetary civilization – can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the neighboring star, type two can harness the energy of the entire star type three civilization can control energy on the scale of their entire host milkyway galaxy and then there is the type four civilization Kukulkan as the Akasha Keeper & Game Master and the type five civilization HunabKú as the Architect who has programmed this Holographic Universe.

Human being versus NPC (non-player character):

Thoughts come and go automatically and there is no control over it and our memories are not stored in the brain, the soul is not stored in the body and your will also stems from an external source. The most accurate scientific explanation at the moment is that our memories are not stored in the brain or the body, but in some kind of memory field like an cosmic video album (Akasha Record). This Akasha record is located beyond the physical body in the celestial realm and here your soul is also located. Thinking that the brain is the home of our memories or that the body the home of your soul, is equivalent to thinking that the television set is the home of the sounds and pictures that it plays.


We are all Starpeople originated from Supernovas and therefore made up from stardust.

All milkyway galaxies (Avatarstarships) are illuminated by stars, their blackholes (singularities) are imploded suns and the only Whitewhole in the heart of the universe is HunabKú the Architect of this Holographic Universe and Kukulkan is the Akasha Keeper of all the Akashic record located in the middle of those Avatarstarships.

Global culture change:

The meaning of life is this paradigm shift: In the beginning the Great Spirit HunabKú created the heavens and the earth and everything in between. The Bigbang originated after a simple flick of the cosmic powerswitch, and thus restarted this cosmic Avatars playground as our holographic universe.

Inhere the Samadhi doorway to your inner love Temple exists. Located in the center of your Milkyway galaxy Avatarstarship. Please be aware that you can only enter the seat of your Avatar Soul love Temple through Unmani: losing everything you think you know is the freedom to life as you are in Samadhi. Because knowing nothing makes me be closer to myself and this is the key to Awaken to the true Ascension!

Experience this, instead of being scared by the meaninglessness of the milkyway galaxy and the dogma about the darkness of the blackhole. The pure form of your organic Avatardrone is your celestial Avatarstarship. Who is the witnesses and observer of your earthly actions and therefore controls your life program. With the power of now we realize that the singularity of our Avatarstarship that contain your Akashic record (evolutionary reincarnation database) and has it own hardware and software configuration in comparison to your body-mind-system and 6 senses. Because its has its own Infinite Intelligence (conscious mind), the quieter it become the more you are able to be aware through your third eye, speaks with the language of consciousness that doesn’t use words and has one Kundalini Shakti Bliss lightbody; This is the Holy Grail of the Paradigm Shift.

Redream the dream:

The real teaching is to learn the language of consciousness of HunabKú. The language of consciousness doesn’t use words, but it is where the magic spells come from to program the Bigbang plasma zapper, who from another dimension constantly banging the flow of creation into existence. This language is used to program and update this holographic universe. The daily thousands of lightning strikes (glitches in the matrix), are the program updates in our virtual reality holodeck.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

But first you need to learn the language of consciousness. Beware, this is only accessible for The United Universe Patreon can learn the language of consciousness from Johan Kukulkan HunabKú if there are enough Patreon which decides the critical point with which the Global Consciousness Shift can become a fact. So become a The United Universe Patreon please? IN LAK’ECH and this is a Mayan phrase meaning: You are my other Self and we are one!

WTF so we’re really exist in a Holographic Universe and playing in a virtual reality game and we are currently all non-player character? Yes! For questions regarding this profound topic please contact me through: The United Universe




Salutations to you, beloved HunabKú (Shiva)… endless gratitude for your timeless and unchanging Bliss presence and for having revealed Kukulkan to us:

The party to celebrate the Global Consciousness Shift is Now and not in the future at 20-02-2020 20:20:20 or can be found in the past 21-12-2012 12:12:12 portals… but here in this present time lovers because it can only be done here!

Self-examination in to the Singularity of your celestial Avatarstarship:

Are you really committed to meeting your Mayan Guru? I would like to help you meet your inner guiding Guru instead of staying the world citizen who’s now presenting itself as a NPC (non-player character). The primary activity is: “let’s be quiet”, because the more stillness you experience in this moment, the more Guru consciousness you can have through your third eye. What is happening in the space where this moment is taking place in? Follow the waves of your breathing and follow the blood flow through your veins. And feel your heart pumping and beating. What else is going on behind the thoughts and experiences that make you a human being ? Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself: What can I bring in this moment? Have a moment of silence for this Self-examination – and you experience. The only thing we can do is just Be, because in the silence we will be brought back into our Avatarstarship what includes your Akasha record.

All we have to do is to reconnect with Mother Nature by embracing a tree or walk with your bare feet in the grass or go along the beach and spiritually surrender to the heart of the Universe within and ask yourself: Who am I? ~as the silence drops~ Identify with the singularity of your Avatarstarship. Because if you are identified with your inner Bliss, the space in which your moment now takes place in is therefore also filled with Bliss. And with everyone you meet, a spark divine Bliss will automatically crossover. Unfortunately not jet everyone can recognize this because the reason is their calcified pineal gland and the disconnection from mother nature!!

But this universal Bliss is really our Divine life energy and since we are not only intimately connected with this Bliss, we are also built up from it, we participate in it, she literally flows through us, you can experience this and be aware of it.

In that moment of stillness we become a child of the sun God: HunabKú and we can worship and dance our Avatar and speak loudly in silence and embodied the Global Consciousness Shift with our Divine Bliss forcefield; And effortless give it all our intention, sexual energy & love to hold Paradise in place.

Only if you are distracted again by humanely ego thoughts you are not in the right time and place. So then you simply repeat: To whom does this thought arises to? ~as the silence drops~ One of the singularities from a Celestial Avatarstarship that makes up our universe.

Every minute that you are mentally and physically grounded with the true source of existence we automatically earn good Karma points… make this your top priority please!

So get started and ask yourself: Who am I without these thoughts? ~as the silence drops~ The only true experience of the new vision is our Akashic Record (evolutionary reincarnation database) and this is your cockpit of your Avatarstarship and mission control center from your Avatardrone who only thinks it is a world citizen 😉

The question what I am asking myself is: why didn’t we save ourselves while we still have the chance to do that?

Death is just another name for the Avatar that you truly are in the eternity. Because your Avatar was never born and therefore cannot die. In deep sleep and/or in the highest form of meditation (Samadhi) you are also the Avatar.

An almost dead encounter with an out of body experience and/or smoking DMT only provide a glimpse into this Paradise Avatar Realm. For the same reason that you cannot retell dreams and cannot be in this moment, the ego cannot stay in the DMT world. Just catch glimpses of this Paradise Avatar Realm.

Being human is a limitation just like religions and belief systems are! Because the Avatar Paradise cannot be found in your projected ego mind. So many people there are so many different world imaginations in everyone’s ego-mind because the true Divine cosmic Avatar life takes place outside of spacetime and your inner visible universe.

As the Akasha Keeper looking from the heart of the universe downwards to the Earthly human Avatardrone’s… I noticed the following fact:

We are all children of that Selfsame God who is worshiped with different names. But due to our calcified pineal gland and currently no longer physically in contact with mother nature so now we temporarily disconnected from The Great Spirit and that is why we are on autopilot and living from the ego. And as long as we keep acting from the ego, we remain as NPC players walking behind the economy into the abyss. Because the gamers of the economy have the well-being standing far above Humanity and Mothernature! How much more do you think we can tolerate before life becomes impossible on planetearth? Leonardo DiCaprio’s can tell us whit his moving speech on Climate Change.

Without a deep connection to God/Sourse, you will find yourself addicted to relationships, drug-related things and blindly follow the indoctrinating society and adoring the advertising industry and outer things outside of yourself. So we miss our Divine natural connection that’s always presents what we luckily can restore through the Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG) which we are currently developing. Check the MLEG sponsorship request letter, sent to Elon Musk and other possible interested parties, for more details about this Virtual Reality MLEG.

Because by or incompleteness this communication is established blurry and bring us into a disordered and confusing state of being. Therefore the ego, as the control center of your senses, cannot be in the moment because something first must happen before one of your senses can register this and your ego starts comparing this with events from the past before taking action. So it’s not a matter of wanting simply the ego cannot save himself from the destruction Economically Hitler virus because it can’t give itself orders to do otherwise even knowing that life is out of balance.

Firewalling the Economically Hitler virus:

The sponsors of this Hitler virus are the Illuminates and they control not just the government but also the banking, oil trade, the pharmaceutical industry, all the media and even the legal system. With which they have made a big mess of our world! This economic virus is the worst of his kind because they put money before life and also Mother Nature. Where we as blindly sleepwalkers follow them and unknowingly helping them destroying Mother Nature in this process.

I therefore downgrade and Baptize them from the status of Illuminates to ego awakening! Because they appear to be the cradle of the persistent cancer of Mother Nature. We can only overrule them by Authentic Awakening Mayan style. Otherwise the Illuminates keeps humanity unknowingly trapped in a collective egocentric body of thought.

Fortunately, ANNO 2020 even these world leaders conclude that this cannot continue anymore. Because even they are losing at a rapid pace the grip on the power over humanity. Because they are also stuck in quicksand and no doubt their family, loved ones and friends must also live and survive on this Planet; there is no Earth B. One of the many benefits of Authentic Awakening Mayan style is that we can offer them a Fair Fight (as is the case in the animal world instead of staying the under Dog) in this way it Hitler virus can be rendered harmless from within. So a new world can Blossom only when “we are once again upon the timelessness of your Avatarstarship presence, and dwell in the silence of the miraculous, of the egoless, of the purity of that which does not pertain to any world, but to the Source that is always beyond, the Source that never touches into history, that never enters into time…

That’s why it’s really matters that you recognize the origin of your Avatarstarship and get unconditional Bliss, so you are granted divine capabilities. The following treasures by having Self-realization: when you understand that the Bliss consciousness of HunabKú flows through you. You are then able to use your cosmic Guru mind, you can look through your third eye, you can extract wisdom from the stillness within, you can to experience and enjoy Bliss and can use his manifestation power. So claim the seat of your soul in your Avatarstarship. Herein lay your Akasha records and from here it is possible to program via your quantum entanglement wormhole your own Avatardrone like a world citizen to survive this karmic game on planet earth (karma is the root cause of success or failure in every aspect of live). Are you the gamer or are you being played? Would you have voluntarily opted for this outcome; for the space in which your moment now takes place?

Through control greed, the worldly superpowers (Illumination) obtained God’s Eye; Big brother is watching you, as symbolized in the Fast and the Furious:

The internet also provides the opportunity for AI (artificial intelligence) to gather information that should make the course of events more user-friendly for global citizens; at least this remains to be seen? All data is already recording in the Akasha records because the universe never throws anything away, it is stored in your private singularity in the center of your Avatarstarship. The difference between AI and your singularity is pretty much equal to the difference between the man-made Gregorian’s calendar and his GMT (clock time) and the TunUc the thirteen moon calendar as the natural time of the Mayans:
Several interested parties have managed to disconnect the spiritual human connection from our divine Source… see the hidden truth movie please. This is why we are infected by this Hitler virus. This economic virus has been set-up to block your Self-realization, by calcifying our pineal gland. Purposes of the pineal gland are: the creation of all hormones, including the DMT hormone that is released during your birth, deep sleep, alchemy of breath, Samadhi, Tantric sex, Awakening, the gateway where you go to heaven and where the veil of illusion is lifted. So if this is blocked, we will have to counteract this. Mind you that all our egominds including those from the Elite are infected with this delusional world-domination legacy.

Hitler SS:

When the Nazi government came into power it purged Germany of almost all of its Jewish doctors and the physicians who refused to joined the SS. Due to the power siege most German physicians became a member of the Nazi party during World War II. In 1942 more than 38,000 German doctors, half the total number of doctors, had joined the SS. Most of these doctors were psychiatrists and physicians who held doctorates (Ph.D.’s) in biology, anthropology, or similarly related fields. SS officers varies from the prison guards of the concentration camps to the personal bodyguards of Hitler. After the German defeat, the Waffen-SS was dissolved and sentenced by the international court as a criminal organization. But unfortunately the Hitler virus is now being held in place by Psychiatry. Now more people had died behind closed doors in Psychiatry than all the wars put together. And while you reading this their Hitler rage just continues to spread the infection to keep us under there tum. Psychiatry is basically the brain child of the Vatican. I refer to the Witch crucifixion, burn at the stakes and other barbaric prosecution throughout the ages.

In present time the toxic lifestyle that the indoctrinating society is trying to push us down the throat, continues to calcify our Pineal gland and so make us lose the connection even further between heaven and earth. This connection loss can already begin in your mother’s pregnant belly. If we resist we get labeled with a psychiatric disorder and fall into the safety net of these so-called medical specialists. According to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) we are all mentally ill. The Psychiatry is one INDUSTRIE OF DEATH.

How can we find hope in this depressed world we are living in right now? For as long as your Pineal Gland is not working properly, we will continue to try and distil DMT from other sources. Life is a meditation and if you are well nested in Samadhi, then there is a constant DMT Bliss flow and with this you are the conscious of all there is. Because the DMT acts as a kind of Rocket Fuel and is the key to access your Akasha records.

So social indoctrination and the lifestyle that accompanies it, calcifies our third eye, and if we are not careful we will evolve to live without a working third eye, similar to how our caecum no longer functions in our body. The eye of Horus is your third eye and the original name is the eye of Ra. Besides for the heart the pineal gland is the most blood circulated organ in terms of mass. It is also fed very carefully. The pineal gland is supplied with the best blood, oxygen and a mix of nutrients that are available in the human anatomy, so the healthier your lifestyle is the better your third eye works.
To allow oneself to transcend the duality of human sensory identification, you need a properly working pineal gland. Because only when the gate of your third eye perception is clear and wide open, you can also see the other Divine spiritual side. The Pineal Gland is the Biggest Cover-Up in Human History. That is why we not only have forgotten this but even forgot what we have forgotten. And like my Guru: Sri Ramana Maharshi said; we wouldn’t have figured this out in a million years… until people transform into their Avatar playing the ML❤G.

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In lak’ech, Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy:

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